audio problems in fc 6

Manu G.V ajeet3047 at
Tue Jan 30 11:16:35 UTC 2007

Thanks for your suggestions Rick.

>>On 1/29/07, Rick Sewill <rsewill at> wrote:
>>My first guess is to assume you are using ALSA to control sound.
>ALSA is the default.
yes ALSA is the default
>My second guess is to assume entries were made in
>your /etc/modprobe.conf associating sound cards with drivers.
>I believe entries are made during the Fedora installation process.
>In my case, I have the following /etc/modprobe.conf file.
>rsewill at rsewill:~ <2:23> $ more /etc/modprobe.confi have the same output as

    Audio works fine but there is no sound in Torcs. I can play music and
all, I was told by someone that, when i run this command there should be a
beep, which i don't get. I see my friends get a beep sound when they run
this command in their PCs.
$cat "file name" > /dev/dsp

So i am trying to figure out is there any problem with my sound(i too don't
know much).

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