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Rod Haper rhaper at
Wed Jul 4 04:35:05 UTC 2007

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 July 2007, Rod Haper wrote:
>> After a couple of days of Googling for info, I happened upon a
>> work-around for the problem.
>> Click on Tools->Extensions to pop up the Extensions window.  Then click
>> on the "Get More Extensions" link at the bottom of the window to bring
>> up the Firefox Add-ons page.  Use the Search function to search for
>> "User Agent Switcher".
>> <>.  Download the User
>> Agent Switcher and restart Firefox to complete the install.  Then
>> right-click on the tool bar at the top and select the "Customize..."
>> option.  	Drag-n-drop the User Agent icon onto the tool bar.  Left click
>> the User Agent icon and select  the "Netscape 4.8 (Windows Vista)"
>> option.  CNN videos will not play correctly.
>> I haven't played with User Agent Switcher enough to know if the problem
>> is CNN rejecting Firefox, Linux or the combination of the two but
>> spoofing the server as Netscape 4.8 running on Windows Vista works.  It
>> will be interesting to see what other spoofing combinations work.
>> --
>> Rod
> I just tried this, set it for Netscape-4.8, and got told I needed the Turner 
> Media player with the option to download it now.  All other spoofs don't get 
> past opening the player window, but don't error either.

What version of the flash plugin do you have installed?  What does 
about:plugins report?  You need Flash Player version 8 or later.

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