How can i make a wireless connection in the command line?

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez manuel at
Thu Jul 5 14:49:13 UTC 2007

On Thursday 05 July 2007 16:41:33 Mark wrote:
> Hey,
> i've just spens serveral hours finding out how i can make a wireless
> connection but nothing seems to be working.
> i tried this
> MANUAL: than
> starting from:  "Verify that you can scan and see access
> points:". where it's going wrong is the key.. [1] is not working for
> me.. i need to do s:theascikey and the last issue is that dhclient
> doesn't want to give me an ip. it's attempting it a few times and than
> it simply fails.
> some information you might need:
> My wlan adapter is:
> Intel 3945AGB
> Kernel version:
> 2.6.22 RC 7
> Operating system:
> Fedora 7
> Desktop/Laptop:
> Acer Aspire 5630 Notebook
> Now the issue is not that i can't make a wireless connection.. i can
> but just once every boot. I can make a wireless connection with
> knetworkmanager BUT when that connection is lost than i need to reboot
> to get connection again. is there a quicker solution for that?
> (killall knetworkmanager and restart that won't help)
> Another issue (with losing the connection) is that when my connection
> strength is getting below 40/100 than the connection seems to be
> lost... is there any way to put that on 10 or 20?
> Now the real issue is that i'm not able to make a wireless network
> connection with the command line. so my question is: how do i need to
> make a wireless connection from the begin till the end?
> When this is answered i will make a howto for it on the fedora forum.
> Thanx,
> Mark

You might need to change the ifcfg-ethX
with something like:


Your /etc/sysconfig/network file would be:


Hope this helps


Manuel Arostegui Ramirez.

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