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Sat Jul 7 21:05:06 UTC 2007

Temlakos wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>> Steven Stern wrote:
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>>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>>    I went to the web page of the developers at SourceForge and I 
>>>> really
>>>> can't find anything but a tarball from that page. If it is possible to
>>>> get a kernel rpm for F7 it must be on the Livina list.
>>>>    I installed the Livina list and used yum install madwifi and got 2
>>>> rpm files neither of which were a kernel. It seems it MUST be a kernel
>>>> or it can't work.
>>>>    Does anyone know the proper yum call to get a madwifi kernel?
>>>> Karl
>>> As Erich points out, you can download the RPM from Livna.
>>> I build from source. It's pretty easy:
>>> svn checkout madwifi
>>> cd madwifi
>>> make
>>> make install
>>> The first time you install, use "modprobe ath_pci" before rebooting.
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>> Well the make install must be quite a program. I'm old and I recall 
>> you must compile both the things in the kernel and all the modules. I 
>> really don't see how that can part of the make install.
>> And the yum of a kernel FAILED because I already have a later kernel. 
>> It might have madwifi but I can't find it.
>> This whole thing is just a pain!
>> Karl
> The program kmod-madwifi is the /kernel module/ for madwifi. The key: 
> you must install a kernel module built specially for the kernel you 
> want to run it with.
> Question for everyone: does the new kernel have any of its own WiFi 
> code, and if so, does that code substitute for MADWifi for use with 
> Atheros-based wireless NICs?
> Temlakos
    It does. I have wifi on MY laptop now and I had to go to the F7 
updated kernel which is Fedora (2.6.21-1.3228.fc7)
   which has the old ath_pci and supporting things in it's module stack. 
I had the new kernel that is 3232 that has a lot of the new wifi stuff 
but not madwifi.

I need to do some cleanup and am writing a paper on how to get your 
linux to do wifi. It will be long but much more structured than the help 
I get here.


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