auto install of nvidia driver

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Tue Jul 10 01:17:01 UTC 2007

On Monday 09 July 2007, Claude Jones wrote:
>On Mon July 9 2007 16:16:05 Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Such info was not made available when I asked about dkms, on
>> this list.  I installed it so it was in the inti.d dir, but
>> was never enough to generate a peep during the bootups.
>Now wait a minute you young whippersnapper. On March 6, 2007 you
>and I had the following exchange on this list:
Who you calling a young whippersnapper?  Besides, that far back up the log, 
you were asking me to change how I was doing it, which I knew worked, for 
something that had yet to ever show up in the logs or on the boot screen.  So 
I stayed with and fine tuned what worked.
>On Tue March 6 2007, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Hi Claude;
>> I just got the noarch rpm from Dell's site figuring its the
>> newest. But I got lost at turn one trying to follow the setup
>> instructions.  At the present time I'm building it with the
>> NVIDIA-Linux installer and that seems to be working ok.  But
>> its a pita to remember to do it.
>> Do you have it setup to autobuild the nvidia video card stuff?
>> If so, can you post the files that enable it please?
>All I do is have freshrpms repo enabled. I install the nvidia
>driver and the dkms package from there. They just work. I've
>done this on multiple machines. You also have to have the
>kernel-headers package installed for your kernel -
>once you've done that one time, regular updates take care of
>themselves. If a new kernel is installed by an update (it will
>also pull in the new kernel-header package), it's detected on
>boot-up, and dkms runs its script to build the new
>kernel-module. When the machine comes up, the nvidia driver is
>active with the new kernel - it's just really that simple - at
>least in my experience. I've got two FC6 boxes and two Blag
>boxes (Fedora derivative), and this is the process I've followed
>on all of them. I'm hoping someone with greater scripting skills
>than I will write a similar routine for the vmware player/server
>modules - the only thing remaining that I have to rebuild after
>a kernel update.
>you just chose to ignore my suggestion ;-)

And just as obviously, forget it, a prerogative for an old fart.  A "young 
whippersnapper" indeed, what the heck is this list coming to anyway?  Don't 
answer that, I probably don't want to know.  Besides I have it from reliable 
sources that one is no older than who you feel.

This is a bit like skinning cats, we have a huge surplus of cats, but fewer 
time tested recipes, so I thought I'd throw out mine and got what looks to be 
a better one back.

>Claude Jones
>Brunswick, MD, USA

Cheers, Gene
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