Problems with WPA2/AES and Broadcom BCM4318 (AirForce One 54g)

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Wed Jul 11 09:54:41 UTC 2007

>> For what it's worth, not broadcasting the SSID is *not* a security
>> improvement.  It is, however, a cause of networking problems, and you've
>> just found one of them.

Robert Scheck:
> I know, that disabling broadcast of SSID is no security improvement. But
> disabling SSID broadcasting helps to prevent for not-knowledged users and
> leet kiddies which don't have any real clue. So it's a small improvement.

They'll just scan and attempt to connect to anything.

> We don't need to discuss about that at all, I agree with you, but I think
> you can see my point of view when living in a apartment building having
> multiple WLANs.

Not broadcasting can mean that neighbours try to use yours, rather than
deliberately ignore what's obviously not their own.  Worsened when
neighbours play the same trick (several not broadcasting SSID).

On balance, you're causing more problems than you think you're solving.
For yourself, and for others.

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