whoami and bash

Francois frmas at free.fr
Wed Jul 11 11:04:35 UTC 2007

I would to be able to cancel a script I've written if I run it as root.
I know there is a command "whoami" to know who is running the script, but 
first, I would like the script :
"Be careful, you are running it as root"
"please, switch to user xxxx, and rerun it.
"Do you want to abort that script, or else, to run it
" as root".
you can see the idea;
I've tried with :
echo "blablalaalaal"
echo "blbalalblbala"
but I can't put the result of "whoami" in the text displayed. the result is 
always written on the next line, like :
instead of :
blabambamaba john blabalabmambaba

I've tried with :
echo "bbalbalbaba" && whoami
but the result is always on two lines.

Another try I made was :
whoami = whoami
echo "blabalababama &whoami balbabababamabab"

It's not a big deal, but I like cosmetic stuff like those when I write a 
script. Thanks. Francois


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