IPv6 over OpenVPN

Petr Benes Petr.Benes at utef.cvut.cz
Fri Jul 13 10:07:22 UTC 2007

>Subject: IPv6 over OpenVPN
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>I need to setup Ipv6 over OpenVPN.
>AFAICG (As far as I could google ;)), OpenVPN IPv6 support is ikky at
>Can anyone point me to the right direction? How can I setup an
>IPv6-over-IPv4 bridge on-client-connect?

all you need is a point-to-point IPv4 connection via OpenVPN and then a 
regular sit tunnel, eg. using iproute2 package:
ip tunnel add MY_TUNNEL_NAME mode sit local L.X.Y.Z remote R.A.B.C


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