Changing permissions in /dev

Mark Knoop mark at
Thu Jul 19 08:44:32 UTC 2007

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Mark Knoop wrote:
>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>    Yes. I read several messages on this list that said applications are
>>> not working if they are sending data to /dev/dsp. I have this problem
>>> too. If you look at the permission with ls -l it has my login then root
>>> and then that stupid sticky bit thing. When I call /dev/dsp with a GUI
>>> device the permissions are changed it seems.
>> I think your problem is much more likely to be that another application
>> is already using /dev/dsp
>> What is the output of '/usr/sbin/lsof /dev/dsp' when you have this
>> problem?
>    It just stops with no output.
>>  A better solution is to configure applications to use ALSA so
>> that you can have multiple sound sources playing simultaneously.
> Alsa mixer is used by this application. It should work but I have a bug
> in on this too.

If it is really using alsa, then it would not be sending anything to
/dev/dsp. Perhaps you could tell us the precise symptoms of your problem
instead of vaguely saying there's a bug in everything.

Mark Knoop

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