Label Crap!

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Wed Jul 25 03:30:41 UTC 2007

Andrew Parker wrote:
> On 7/24/07, Karl Larsen <k5di at> wrote:
>>         It was my fault because info e2label never mentioned you must
>> have label= but I recall that now is the case. I might try again tomorrow and
>> change just one and see if I can get it to work. Can I do the same for
>> swap as well. I guess so but I tried and it said there were a bad
>> superblock.
That is because the swap is not an ext2 or ext3 file system. Try the
-L option of mkswap instead.
> Don't forget that labels are used by grub too.
Labels work great if you use them correctly. But you can mess things
up if you don't know what you are doing. Then again, there are lots
of ways you can mess up your computer if you blindly change
things... The CLI tools do not stop you from shooting yourself in
the foot. The man pages tell you how to use the tool. You are
expected to know what happens if you use the tool.


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