Fedora 7 freezes two or three times per day

Robin Laing Robin.Laing at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Wed Jul 25 15:24:39 UTC 2007

Dawning Sky wrote:
>>  From what I have gathered from different forums and bug lists is that
>> this is not directly a driver issue but an issue between the driver and
>> kernel.  It seems to occur with different video drivers.
>> On one forum, it was reported by someone that they compiled their own
>> kernel without CFS support and all their freezups were gone.
> Is this CFS Completely Fair Scheduler?  I thought it would go into the
> kernel at 2.6.23?  I hate to compile the kernel.  Haven't done that
> for many years.  Maybe I'll just stick with the nv driver, if my
> machine stops freezing.
> DS


I understood that it was in the present kernel but I am repeating what 
was mentioned on the nvidia support forum.  But other things I am 
reading is that you are correct.  If it isn't the CFS, then the posters 
comment on the nvidia forum was in error.  What I do see is that some of 
the CFS code is supposed to be in the kernel though, part of CFQ (?)  I 
don't understand enough of the coding to fully understand.

But on the Linux Kernel Mailing List, there is a thread on video issues 
with the CFS.

I know that on my machine at home, even the gnome splash screen will 
freeze the system.  ssh into it and I see that Xorg is in the 95% range.

I went to an earlier version of the nvidia driver (I need 3D) and I will 
have loss of mouse or keyboard from time to time.  If I use mplayer and 
change the speed using the "}" key, I lose all input.  Strange screen 
flashes but I don't end up with a total machine freeze.  In gqview, if I 
quickly go through images using the space bar, the display will flash 
like it loses scanning.

This is using the Freshrpms and dkms tools.  I have to find some time to 
play with the latest kernel and drivers to see what happens.  I am 
hoping for an evening of rain to give me a reason to stay in the house 
and not do yard work or go in the pool.  :)

I have read about this same issue with different video cards so it isn't 
just nvidia video cards.  There is a bug report on bugzilla about a 
different card.

I am also reading about this happening on different versions of Linux.
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