Package Updater fails on dependency failure, but dependency is there

Eric spamsink at
Sat Jul 28 12:52:28 UTC 2007

Good morning, all.

First of all, I'm certain this question has been addressed before but I 
cannot find any way to search the archives... only thing that's available 
is to call up each archive individually, open each thread individually that 
looks like it might contain useful information, and read.

Isn't there a way to search the archives on keyword?

Now, my main question... attempting to use Package Updater to update my F7 
installation on VMware (which has always worked well before) and got "Error 
resolving dependencies".  Clicked on Details and got "Missing Dependency 
firefox= is needed by package Democracy".

First of all, what the heck is package Democracy?  I tried to find it in 
the list of stuff to be updated, so that I could deselect it and update 
everything else, and it wasn't there.

Mainly, though ... I HAVE Firefox  How do I convince Package 
Updater that I have what it says it needs?

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