F7 install: grub prompt on reboot

Colin Brace cb at lim.nl
Tue Jun 5 10:51:40 UTC 2007

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

On 6/4/07, Timothy Murphy <tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie> wrote:

> Why not try answering the grub prompt?
> Start with
> grub>root (hd0,1)
> and similar, and see which grub likes.

grub appears to prefer the default, whatever that is. Certain values
it appears to accept, such as (hd1,1), but then none of the following
steps work. In other words, if I don't given the "root" command, then
the following works.

FWIW: In the original menu.lst the 'root' command pointed to (hd4,0).
But if I try to enter that on the cmd line, it says "disk not found".
When I boot from the DVD, my OS partitions are displayed by fdisk on
sdc, but they were originally on sdd. ;(

> grub>kernel /vm<tab>
> should offer various completions; add
> grub>kernel /vmlinuz... root=LABEL=/

Ok, this works..

> grub>initrd /init<tab>

This works too.

> and finally
> grub>boot

This starts to work, I get a flurry of messages about things loading,
but then something appears to go wrong, ie:

mount: could not find file system '/dev/root'
mount: could not find file system '/proc'
mount: could not find file system '/sys'

Switchroot: mount failed
Booting has failed
...Kernel panic...

> I suspect the fault lies in anaconda -
> they seem to me to have screwed up the grub configuration.

Yep, I had similar problems going from FC5 to FC6, but for some reason
it was easier to solve that time around. Would doing a fresh install
of F7 solve things? (My home partition is separate).


  Colin Brace

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