DKIM - RFC 4871 -

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Wed Jun 6 05:19:36 UTC 2007

Mail List wrote:
>  DKIM is a scheme for cryptographically signing (without costly certs) both 
> the body and a suite of headers in email that seems is likely to become  
> farily standard and already has decent and growing support, most notably 
> yahoo/cisco. The public keys are distributed via DNS.
>  Now that DKIM is officially RFC 4871 ( it 
> probably makes sense to include the baseline DKIM milter as a package in 
> fedora - I wonder if the sendmail maintainer would consider adding this 
> package to F7 ? This milter allows signing and checking of dkim signatures 
> and the ability to set the accept/reject policy for incoming email.
> (

FWIW, you may really want dk-milter since the README in dkim-milter states.

DomainKeys signing is not provided in this package.  To sign your mail
with DomainKeys, download and install the "dk-milter" package from


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