Do you use SELinux

Kam Leo kam.leo at
Thu Jun 7 16:35:54 UTC 2007

On 6/7/07, chris at <chris at> wrote:
> I use it on my server, and on my laptop. I'd recommend it for most users,
> if they ever connect to the internet. It's a big boost to system security.
> The main reason I use it is because I am a software developer, and my
> software will get deployed on a Red Hat, CentOS, or Fedora server with
> SELinux enabled, so I want to encounter and solve any SELinux issues on my
> box first.
> Chris

I leave SELinux on as a courtesy (paying back to the community) to the
developers. They need a wide audience so they can perfect the tools
which by the way after three (?) releases are far from being

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