fglrx and Fedora 7 works!

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Sun Jun 10 13:20:55 UTC 2007

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Afaik the older ATI drivers only work with older versions of Xorg so
> your solution does not work.

We're in the middle of a thread where the OP says that the currently
released flgrx drivers don't work with F7, but that the older FC6
drivers *do* work with F7!  So unless you think the OP is a liar, how
does this "not work"?

Noone is claiming that the problem is Fedora's.  ATI needs to fix their
drivers.  Especially if the problem is related to the 2.6.22 kernel that
F7 ships with and the problem is not the fault of any RH patches/fixes
not taken from upstream.  If that's the case, then repo's (like Livna,
which packages fglrx for F7) need to replace their packages with an
older version which *does* work with F7.

Obligatory note:  I'm not yet running F7 on either of my home Linux
computers (but I *have* DLed the ISOs!), so I cannot verify nor deny the
OPs original claims or his solution.  And, the one computer that I *do*
have ATI video in (running FC6) is still waiting for the appropriate
fglrx drivers for the 2952 kernel.  [Then again, its also waiting for
ATRPMs to build the latest ipw3945 1.2.1-20 versions against the 2952
cubbi_suspend2 kernel in their testing repo (which I am sure, Rahul, you
don't give a damn about).  I require this version because it fixes a bug
which causes a kernel oops and kills my WIFI.]  So, in the meantime, I
continue to wait patiently for my 3rd party repo updates.  B^)

> Rahul

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