nxclient under F7

Tom Horsley tom.horsley at att.net
Mon Jun 11 12:35:04 UTC 2007

On Mon, 11 Jun 2007 13:45:37 +0200
Joachim Backes <joachim.backes at rhrk.uni-kl.de> wrote:

> my selinux on the NX server side had already been disabled.
> Further, nxclient on F7 can operate with NX on F7, but not with NX on an FC6 server, but still 
> nxclient on WinXP operates with NX on FC6 server.

Might be a version compatibility problem. I think some folks at work
who have installed latest nxclient find they can't talk to the freenx
we have at work. I have this in my /etc/yum.conf file:

exclude=freenx nx nxclient

and I make sure I run an nxclient that was new at the same time
freenx on the server was new (which is fairly old now because
they all worked so well together, I'm reluctant to ever upgrade
any of them for fear something will break :-).

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