Shutting down Fedora-7

Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Wed Jun 13 21:54:01 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-06-13 at 14:25 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I notice that when shutting down F-7
> the commands (umounting this and that, etc)
> no longer appear on the screen,
> which remains black until the computer goes off.
> Is this a setting I could change?
> Or is there some bug in my system?
> The reason I suspect a bug is that when I restart the machine
> I always get a message from Firefox saying that the last session
> ended improperly, and asking me if I want to resume the last session
> or start a new session.
Nor seeing the shutdown messages has been standard since FC5 or FC6.

As other have said the different behavior of Firefox is a function of
Firefox 2 which did not appear in earlier versions of Fedora.
Not closing Firefox before you shutdown will cause the messages you
indicate when you open Firefox 2.
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