Question on yum remove - which package ?

Timothy Murphy tim at
Sun Jun 17 11:19:58 UTC 2007

David Timms wrote:

>> I would have thought it would be more logical
>> to leave anything required by another package.
>> Of course anything that requires foo should be removed.
>> But that is a different matter.
> Are you willing to say which package in particular ?

Unfortunately I don't remember.
Whatever it was has disappeared from /var/cache/yum/...
But what I did was "yum install foo".
Then I decided that was the wrong foo,
so I said "yum remove foo",
and it wanted to remove 325 packages.

> Sometimes a package is a meta-package whose job it is to install a heap
> of sub packages.

I don't think foo was anything esoteric.
But as I said I have forgotten exactly what it was.

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