OT: Windoze can't find disk

Geoffrey Leach geoff at hughes.net
Sun Jun 17 22:51:07 UTC 2007

On 06/17/07 15:06:10, Claude Jones wrote:
> On Sunday June 17 2007 5:38:33 pm Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> > Sorry.
> >
> > I ask this because the system in question is dual-boot FC6, and
> hence
> > there might be someone who's experienced the same problem.
> >
> > Otherwise, please accept my apologies.
> >
> > A fully functional dual-boot FC6/Windoze XP system had its MB
> replaced.
> > On being returned (and the disk reinstalled) it booted FC6 just
> fine,
> > but XP could not find the disk. Not that it just would not boot, 
> but
> > that under no circumstances (CD boot, ASR boot, normal boot) could
> XP
> > find the disk. The disk partitions are: 1 - NTSF, 2 - /boot, 3 - /.
> > Any suggestions as to what might be missing? FWIW, the disk is 
> > and, yes, the driver disk was provided at the appropriate time.
> >
> > Thanks.
> Did you try all the different SATA controllers?
> Did you carefully go through all the BIOS settings?

Only on SATA controller -- Promise 378 chip on the MB. I should also 
mention that although the Promise chip supports RAID, that feature is 
not in use. There is only one SATA drive.

I did indeed go through the BIOS settings, which is a good point as 
along with the new MB there was a new version on the Phoenix Server 
BIOS. And there was an enable-SATA setting. With that disabled, GRUB is 
done discovered, as you would expect.

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