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Mon Jun 18 06:59:42 UTC 2007

1) Not from this list.
2) Define tons of spam.
3) Define its character?
    If it is postmaster bounce spams somebody used your address in a
    spam run and you are getting blow back spam from mal-configured
    systems run by idiots who think they can bounce messages back to
    the sender by using the header information, which is largely
    forged except for the last few "Received" headers. Only doo-doo-
    for-brains administrators bounce that way. But there are still a
    lot of them.
4)  Consider running SpamAssassin. A good SA setup with a good set of
    rules works wonderfully. (Just do NOT use SA as part of your MUA,
    Mail User Agent, as Fedora has with Eviloution in the past. Us it
    as part of your receiving MTA path, SendMail, exim, PostFix, or
    whatever else you use - even FetchMail.)
5)  There is no way to presume a mailinglist will not have a spammer
    subscribed to it specifically to pick up makes for spam runs as
    well as any other help he might need keeping his own systems in
    running shape. An email address that is used even once on the
    Internet is an email address that has been compromised. However,
    I have found that certain email addresses do tend to get eliminated
    on sight by spammers. Pick a name that advertises your address goes
    directly to the bitbucket. That helps. (That address is the one I
    generally use for signing up for product registration and the like.
    The address that has NEVER been used publicly is the one that sits
    there without receiving anything at all for months on end.)

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From: "George" <gasjr4wd at>

> wow guys,
> I've been signed up for this list for about a week and I've noticed a  
> ton of spam coming in now. I guess I should have used a different  
> address than my main one... I could stand the traffic, (and this is a  
> high traffic list!) but all the spam, no way.
> If redhat can't control things better than this on their lists, I'm  
> not sure I want to use fedora.
> thanks,
> G.

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