webcam and movie creation

Francois frmas at
Mon Jun 18 16:17:43 UTC 2007

Finally, my webcam works again using the "uvcvideo" driver. I run a fedora 
core 6.
I use a program "fswebcam" to capture an image every 60 seconds, and upload 
it, on a remote web server. Each image is named "web_image.jpg", and of 
course, on the remote server, there is only one image at a time. Each newly 
uploaded image, overwrites the old one.

I have two questions :
1) is there a program that could run with my webcam and my distro to display 
on my web site the continuous video stream captured by it.
2) If not, is there a way to add each newly captured image (one every 60 
seconds) to an .avi or .mpeg file. That way I would be able to see each 
evening a sort of movie of what's happened in my home during the whole day.

Thank you. Francois

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