Is It possibel to have xawtv on Fedora 7 ?

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Wed Jun 20 20:52:24 UTC 2007

Thomas TS wrote:
> I did the download of the sources... then:
> # rpm -ta xawtv-4.tar.gz
>           -ta: unknown option
> Inside the sources there is a  but i dont know how to handle 
> it ...
> But, i did the download of an other xawtv.spec and tried:
> # rpm -bb xawtv.spec
>     -bb: unknown option
> As you see... i am an RPM newbie :-(
> Anyway, the
> ./ && ./configure && make
> do produce all the binaries... Now how to create an .i386.rpm from this ?

If you want rpms and you want them now, check out the link that Jason
posted earlier in this thread to the package review for xawtv.  There
is a spec file and source rpm there.  It might not be perfect, but it
should be a better starting point.

To bring yourself up to speed on packaging, check out the link that
David posted to the draft guide on building packages.

Whatever you do, don't get in the habit of building packages as root.
It will burn you if you do it regularly.  You want to build packages
as a normal user.  You'll only need root priveleges to install the
final binary rpm.

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