Using BlueTooth without GUI

Lars Bjørndal lars.bjorndal at
Mon Jun 25 13:51:20 UTC 2007

Gilboa Davara <gilboad at> writes:

> On Sun, 2007-06-24 at 18:47 +0200, Lars Bjørndal wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Under FC6 or F7, I would like to connect my braille display or mobile
>> phone to the PC via BlueTooth. In earlier versions of Fedora, a
>> version of Bluez-utils package was provided, that you could set up
>> with a custom pin_helper shell script. If I try to use the
>> "pin_helper" configuration option in the current version of
>> bluez-utils, I get an error message saying that the option isn't
>> available.
>> So, my question is how I can give the pin code when connectiong if I
>> only use the console?
>> Lars
> Lars,
> This is a small program that I wrote as a stopgap until kdebluetooth
> gets proper dbus support.
> You can (also) use it to bind text-based UI's such as dialog [1] to
> bluez-libs.
> Be aware that it is built against bluez-libs 3.9 and as such, runs only
> under F7.
> If there's broader need for it, I'll package it and submit it to
> -extras.

Is it also possible to give the pin code, one for each device, in a
text file, so you don't need to type the code?

How is the conneciton between the hcid.conf and the program you've


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