New k3b-1.0 problem

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Tue Jun 26 01:55:41 UTC 2007

On Monday 25 June 2007, John Wendel wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Greetings all;
>> I've downloaded an archive of stuff for a legacy computer, which is in the
>> form of dvd sized .rar files.
>> The author of the collection is/was distributing it on dvd's for a nominal
>> fee to cover the cost of the disks, or it was downloadable from his web
>> page.
>> The first of these files is 4,635,746,513 bytes long, so it would be a
>> tight fit on a dvd.  k3b says the disk in the drive is 4.4GB, and krusader
>> says the file is 4.3GB so at least those two are using the same base 1024
>> numbering system for a kilobyte.
>> So it should fit but it appears k3b is rejecting anything over 4.0GB as
>> the size varies, rejecting a smaller 4.1GB file, but accepting a 3.8GB
>> file.
>> This doesn't sound terribly kosher to me since the author of the
>> collection obviously has the tools to burn even the 4635746513 (decimal)
>> byte file to a dvd.
>> So what's the recommended procedure to do this?  Or do I file a bugzilla,
>> take a tater & wait?
>> Thanks.
>Just burned several 4.3GB files last night. I assume you're using the
>latest and greatest K3B (since you use the latest and greatest
>everything else). Do you have the "allow overburning" option set?

Yes.  I had it burn it as if it was an iso.  k3b complained but did burn it.

Nothing I have can mount the disk or open it as a file.  So I had dd copy it 
back, and it copied back just under 8k more than was written.  I've had a cmp 
running for about the last 15 minutes with no errors, yet...

Tweren't any:
root at coyote trs-80 archives]# cmp " 5-2005 [disc 1 of 5].rar" 
cmp: EOF on 5-2005 [disc 1 of 5].rar

So I'd assume unrar would just throw away the padding?  Time to mkdir a 
disk1 dir, cd to it and unrar that thing.

Humm, inside the .rar, is the .iso.  Why did he bother?  Anyway, 
now I have a handle on it,  and while thats running, kmail just
froze for 30 secs and died.  But, it never lost a character!

Anyway, now I know what to do with the rest of them, so many thanks
for the hand-holding. 

>Have you tried using growisofs directly? Man growisofs has all the

No, that was sort of a last resort.  With my propensity for typu's, its 
probably better that way :-)


Cheers, Gene
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