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Lonni J Friedman netllama at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 15:25:42 UTC 2007

1.0-8756 is very old (over a year), and is no longer supported.  You
should be using 1.0-9746, and if you need further assistance see here:

On 3/6/07, Walter Garcia-Fontes <walter.garcia at upf.edu> wrote:
> I have a Fedore Core 5 installation in a Dell Precision 690. My
> graphic card is a
> 256Mb nVidia Quadro FX3500 Graphics Card
> The computer was making some noice from fans and
> according to some private help that I received, it turned out that the
> fan making the noise is the graphics card
> I was  told that updating to the newest driver the fan would turn off
> after booting.
> I went to Dell's web page, and downloaded
> dell-nvidia-8756-5dkms.i386.rpm
> which supposedly provided a driver for this computer.
> Trying to install it, it told me that I didn't have the kernel
> sources. So I dowloaded them, but trying to install it again, it told
> me that it was already installed. So I tried to reboot, and : no
> xwindows! It would tell me that it couldn't start it because of a
> graphics driver problem. (here I installed kernel-devel and all the
> other suggested packages to have the kernel sources and headers
> accorrding to the version of the kernel I was runnin).
> I tried to download the driver directly from the NVIDIA web page and
> compile it myself, but it would always abort, complaining that it
> couldn't find the kernel headers or sources, though I swear they were
> in the right places (and I entered the path manually using an option
> that they provide in the script and tried a zillion of other things
> and it didn't work).
> I tried a couple of other things, like downloading the driver from the
> livna repository, and one of these things worked, I guess that driver
> worked, as I could finally start the x server (and gnome), but I don't
> know exactly what solved it since I tried a couple of different things
> and some of them remotedly. But the principal suspect is the livna
> download.
> Anyway, now I don't get the initial fedora splash screen (I took the
> rgb parameter out of the line in the grub.conf), no big deal, and I
> also get an error at boot up telling me something like:
> dkms - autoinstalling nvidia driver
> ...
> bad install - build failed!
> or something like this, but the x system starts ok, and the fan turns
> off!
> Now, another problem. Last night the kernel got updated by yum and
> I have to revert to the previous version as the nvidia module will not
> start with the new kernel.
> Is there any way that I can fix this once and for all? It's really
> anoying to arrive one morning to your office with a lot of things to
> do and find out that you can't start your desktop and spend all
> morning reinstalling the driver from a text console...

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