FC6 and Samba

Craig White craig at tobyhouse.com
Thu Mar 8 23:07:09 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 21:31 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 08 March 2007, Craig White wrote:
> > On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 18:12 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > > >
> > > >    security = user
> > >
> > > Try changing this to
> > >
> > > security = share
> >
> > ----
> > why?
> >
> I never got to the bottom of this, but I had similar problems and this cured 
> it.  I thought that if Ruben actually found that this looser permission made 
> a difference, it might provide the missing link so that someone could explain 
> what was wrong and why this worked.
actually no - 'security = share' is for all purposes abandoned and would
be removed except for some reluctance to eliminate backwards
compatibility (so says Jerry Carter - search samba at lists.samba.org
archives for this).

Moreover, his configuration had 'hosts allow = 127.' which doesn't take
any understanding of samba whatsoever to recognize that only localhost
can connect and no other. Thus your recommendation would have no
> No guarantees - but worth a try, since there's nothing to lose.  It's simple 
> enough to change back if it makes no difference.
> I've never understood why I had so many problems with samba3, when samba2 
> worked perfectly for me, in terms of doing what I expected.
When samba 3.0.0 was released, it was immediately evident that though
many of the same configuration options were there, it was an entirely
new samba...winbindd, active directory, kerberos, dfs, groups, etc. The
information is there for those interest in investing the energy to learn
it and I know that the samba official documentation is the best
documentation open source offers.

(Official Samba 3.0 HowTo and By Example) - both available at
http://www.samba.org/samba/docs in html or pdf form or available in dead
tree form from most any bookseller.

As to your own issues with Samba 3.x - your suggestion to use 'security
= share' is just a bad idea. The underlying premise behind that setting
is to emulate Windows 95/98 type file sharing - no concept of users but
rather a share with a password and permissions are for a single user.
Windows networking has evolved and likewise, samba usage has evolved.

Craig White <craig at tobyhouse.com>

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