what is with the kernel names?

Phil Meyer pmeyer at themeyerfarm.com
Fri Mar 9 16:38:37 UTC 2007

Tom Horsley wrote:
> No doubt the was discussed to death on some list I don't subscribe
> to and I'll be lashed with wet noodles for not reading it, but I'm
> dying of curiosity:
> What the heck is with the names of the kernels? Where did the .6.4
> and .6.5 on the end come from? Why didn't the 2911 increment?
> How many revision levels do we really need? Should we resurrect
> the Dewy Decimal system for naming kernels? :-).

You will notice that they were released in quick succession.
That indicates that a problem, like a patch that is obvious producing 
non obvious results, and the developers had to take several swings at it.

It also means that someone is getting bit by the intermediate patches, 
and that now may not be the best time to upgrade your kernel. :)

Simply speculation on my part.  Not intended as a complaint in any way.  
In fact, it take courage to make the same mistake until you get it 
right, especially when everyone is watching.

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