Ipod software/experience

Chu Jeang Tan chujtan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 19:44:12 UTC 2007

Rhythm box crashes whenever I plug in my Ipod.

So, I've used libgpod and gtkpod instead. That works great except that
podcasting is not directly supported by gtkpod, you need a third party
software and let gtkpod knows where are the downloaded files. I'm
using gpodder as the podcast downloading tool. Setting up gtkpod is
not very convenient because it only refreshes podcast files from a
single directory, while most podcasting software download to a
hierarchy of directories.

I ended up having to do a find to copy all the podcast files to a
common directory.

How do you handle your ipod/podcasting needs in Fedora? Is it worth
the effort to try to make things work in Rhythmbox?

Chu Jeang Tan
chujtan at gmail.com

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