wierd zd1211rw wireless adapter problem

Philip Walden pwaldenlinux at pacbell.net
Sun Mar 11 17:26:59 UTC 2007

Philip Walden wrote:
> Philip Walden wrote:
>> Philip Walden wrote:
>>> I have a Airlink AWLL3026 using the zd1211rw driver. I am using WEP 
>>> with a hex key and dhcp client to get a IP number. I can see the 
>>> device initializing and connecting to eth1 using dmesg.
>>> I am not using NetworkManager, just the 
>>> System>Administration>Network gui.
>>> For the life of me I cannot get this adapter to connect and get an 
>>> IP number on system start or by itself. In fact the only incantation 
>>> that seems to work is to :
>>> 1. deactivate the wireless eth1
>>> 2. connect and activate the wired lan eth0 to get an IP number
>>> 3. deactivate the wired eth0
>>> 4. activate eth1 which then says dhcp client is already busy, but 
>>> now I have an active working wireless connection???!!
>>> So this tells me that the WEP is correctly set up, but the dchp 
>>> request is not working with the wireless eth1.
>>> Any ideas?
>> Well after much fiddling, I was unable to get a reliable activation 
>> of eth1.
>> So I switched to NetworkManager, as I had not had much luck with it 
>> in FC5 with a different wireless card and had stopped using.
>> Well again after some fiddling, NetworkManager seems to connect 
>> reliably on login. It is annoying that it asks for the keyring 
>> password just after entering the login password. A rudimentary 
>> attempt to stop it doing this by editing the /etc/pam.d/gdm file were 
>> unsuccessful. Oh well it is good enough for now.
> I have noticed that if I lose my connection and try a reconnect, it 
> always fails unless I unplug the USB adapter and re-insert it. After 
> wards it always reconnects. Thus it may be an initialization problem 
> with the zd1211rw driver, itself.
Looks like it is a bug:

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