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Tue Mar 13 18:12:34 UTC 2007

On Tue, 13 Mar 2007, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:

> Mike McCarty wrote:
>> On a slightly different topic, my girlfriend has this problem
>> as well, and also wants to copy several DVDs so she can wear
>> out the copies rather than the originals. She bought some
>> commercial software, DVDx I believe, which claims to do that,
>> and which we tried to run under Wine. We hit some permissions
>> problems it looks like.
>> I tried downloading vobcopy, and it's been running a couple
>> of *days* trying to rip a two hour movie!
> It should not take that long unless it is having a problem reading
> the disk itself. (Too many scratches/cracks, etc...)

vobcopy errors out in that case.  Something else is going on.  I was 
having similar problems with burning dvds where the drive would just hang. 
I kernel upgrade fixed the problem.

>> Anyone here with experience ripping/copying DVDs using
>> Linux?
>> Not trying to give away or sell, just for personal use.
>> Each time a DVD gets taken out of its case, there are
>> microcracks and scratches. Wanna play the copies.
>> This is in the USA.
> I have had good luck with K9copy. It has the advantage of being able
> to make the copy on single layer blanks. It is basically a front end
> for a bunch of other programs.

vobcopy has worked fine for me.  You need libdvdcss to make it work right.

I have seen a fair amount of damaged discs.  (Having a daughter will do 
that...)  Backups are a good preventative measure.

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