a trouble with Evolution (FC6): Loading never ends

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Thu Mar 15 10:57:16 UTC 2007

Jacques Beigbeder wrote:

> ~user/.evolution is 1 Gb because my user has 5 accounts: 4 POP with
> gmail and so, and 1 (the failing) with IMAP on my local computer.

I see.  After trying several methods I settled on IMAP for everything, 
because it really does free you from any dependency on the client. 
Except you are still dependent on a client that works ;-)

> Another question: is there a roadmap to migrate from Evolution
> to Thunderbird (mail archives, addressbook, calendar)?

Thunderbird just does mail and addressbook, they have sunbird


for calendar.  Thunderbird can eat plain text address books if you can 
export that from Evolution.


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