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Matthew Saltzman mjs at ces.clemson.edu
Sat Mar 17 22:51:18 UTC 2007

On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> On 17/03/07, Scott van Looy <scott at ethosuk.org.uk> wrote:
>> Today Dotan Cohen did spake thusly:
>> > On 17/03/07, Scott van Looy <scott at ethosuk.org.uk> wrote:
>> >> > I know that. But when I'm wearing me "end user" hat, I don't care
>> >> > about technical reasons. I want things to work.
>> >>
>> >> That's nice, but you're blaming the wrong people. :P
>> >
>> > No, I'm not. A web browser is a client-side app, therefore it should
>> > do what the client wants. Even if web designers used px measurements,
>> > the browser should override that with the user's preference.
>> No it shouldn't. It should provide a way for the designer of the page to
>> allow this behaviour, which it does.
> No. It should obey the end user. This issue has been discussed to
> death in the Fx development community regarding autocomplete disable
> on forms. Google it if you must. Long story short: it's my f-ing
> computer, it should do what I say. Why should I have to cut and paste
> text into Notepad to read it?
>> > The term
>> > "large fonts" means "make the fonts bigger than they normally would
>> > be", not "make some of the fonts bigger than they normally would be".
>> As I said, depends if the site developer has a clue...
> It should not be in his hands.

I didn't folow the early part of this thread, so I don't know if it's been 
mentioned, but...

In Fx, Edit -> Preferences -> Content, select Advanced from the Fonts & 
Colors box.  Select the fonts you want and min font size and uncheck 
"Allow pages to choose..."

Does that accomplish the desired effect?

 		Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
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