[Fwd: Re: Question on running Fedora on Apple PPC]

Phil Meyer pmeyer at themeyerfarm.com
Thu Mar 22 16:29:26 UTC 2007

Jimmy Bradley wrote:
>    The machine has 256mb of ram. Someone here on the list suggested that
> I check and make sure that a swap partition had been created during the
> install. I would have to re-install fedora to know for sure. I might try
> re-installing Fedora on the weekend, and set the partitions manually,
> instead auto like I normally do. In order to give you a better
> description of how the machine acts when I try and run Fedora on it, I'm
> sure most of you have encountered a windows based machine that's
> infested with viruses and spyware. You know how when you go to minimize
> a program on an infested pc, the window will slowly scroll down the
> screen? That's a good description on how the machine acts. To me, it
> acts like it's bogged down.
> Hope this helps.
> Thanks
> Jim 

I suspect that you had the system up just long enough for the new yum 
update daemon to start.

After that (takes a long time first time) cron could kick off with 
beagle and makewhatis enabled by default.

On the system you are describing, these processes would cause it to 
crawl horribly for several hours the first time they are run.

So, as you can with it being so slow, go to 
System/Administration/Services and turn off yum-updatesd.

Good Luck!

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