problem (immediate)

George Arseneault george_arseneault2001 at
Thu Mar 22 20:53:31 UTC 2007

Sorry for not replying sooner.  Haven't read my emails
for a few days...


The problem is that YUM is looking for repositories
located on the net.  Since you don't have internet
access, it gives you the error and boots you out of
the program.  (Also, on some distributions, some of
the repositories lack a proper address)

What you need to do is go to the yum .cnf file. (Can't
remember the exact location. try "man yum".)
You need to disable those repos and make sure there
are repos that point to your disk.

Personally, I use KYUM it doesn't boot me out for this
error and allows me to edit the repos, enable/disable
and all that from the GUI.

Let me know if you need more info.


P.S. Might take me a little time to get back.  But
there are plenty of others here that can help.

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