Auto - Update Packages with Yum

Hikaru Amano kagesenshi.87 at
Fri Mar 23 06:19:43 UTC 2007

On 3/23/07, Rikke D. Giles <rgiles at> wrote:
> Yes, check out checkinstall at
>   What it does is create an rpm from the tar.gz or bz file, then
> install the rpm and enter the program into the yum database.
> Of course, if you have an rpm package to begin with, just do a local
> install and then it'll be entered into the database.  'yum localinstall
> <place where rpm is>

but still, it wont make the app auto update


You can create your own rpm for it, but unless someone maintain
updated packages in a repository... you wont be able to update it
automatically. You still need to download the tarball and recreate the
rpm ..

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