Trouble mounting NFS shares in %post script of a kickstart FC6 install

Peter Schwenk schwenk at
Fri Mar 23 17:55:52 UTC 2007

Just in case anyone is wondering...

It turns out that somewhere along the way during a kickstart install  
for FC6, the portmap program is killed, so by the time the install  
gets to the %post script, NFS mounts can't happen.  I found this out  
by looking at the F4 terminal messages that indicated that the mount  
operation was trying to contact the portmapper on localhost.

On Mar 23, 2007, at 11:29 AM, Peter Schwenk wrote:

> Hello:
> I'm having some difficulty with something I've done successfully  
> with FC3 and CentOS 4, but seems to be barfing with FC6.  I use  
> kickstart installs to setup my office workstations, and I've  
> successfully used %post scripts to mount NFS shares and install  
> software from them.  For some reason, it's not working with FC6  
> kickstart installs.  There is no firewall issue on the NFS server  
> (a machine running CentOS 4.4).  The really strange part is that  
> after the install, I can mount the very same NFS share just fine,  
> but during the kickstart install's %post script the NFS mount fails  
> with a "mount.nfs: Input/output error".  I've fiddled with NFS  
> mount options in my script, but so far I'm not getting any  
> success.  The only other clue I have is that on the NFS server,  
> there are log entries for the failure to mount:
> Mar 23 11:11:37 NFS_server mountd[3219]: authenticated mount  
> request from NFS_client:993 for /space0/export/nfs/FC6/addons (/ 
> space0/export/nfs/FC6)
> (computer names changed to protect the innocent)
> I would be grateful if someone could clue me in as to what's going  
> on.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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- Mathematical Sciences
- University of Delaware
- (302) 831-0437
- schwenk _at_ math _dot_ udel _dot_ edu

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