Procmail : Filter & Resend

Bryan Hepworth bryan at
Tue May 1 17:54:07 UTC 2007

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On 01/05/07, Feris Thia wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I have a global (catch-all) account at my ISP. In my Linux box I need
>> to download all the emails from the account and want to delivered it
>> to local user's inbox. I've just learned about .forward and
>> .procmailrc and have no problem with Regular Expression.
>> How do I match an email's address pattern (username at from
>> RECEIVED field in mail's header and then resend it ?
> Isn't "man procmailex" enough together with "man procmailrc"?
> Since the Received headers don't always contain an email address, I
> don't give a ready-to-use example.
Sounds like fetchmail would be a better solution in this case.

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