Keep a console to be like rhgb

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Wed May 2 16:30:54 UTC 2007

Leo wrote:
> ----- Mikkel L. Ellertson (2007-05-02) wrote:-----
>> Look at using the frame buffer (FB) console
> BTW, where to look at?
> I am using the framebuffer by passing vga=792 to kernel at boot. It
> supports only 8 colors and no widescreen resolution.
> Best,
I would look at the fb section of the kernel docs. For my system, I
have them in /usr/share/doc/kernel-doc-2.6.20/Documentation/fb. It
looks like most Intel video is supported. There is also VESA frame
buffer support.

I have not played with it, but you could try adding video=intelfb to
your grub boot line, and see how it works. (I used it with lilo by
adding it to the append= section using other video cards.) You can
also specify the mode you want as well as other options. I first ran
into it when running Linux on a Sparc Station II - you have to use
the frame buffer for the console, as there isn't a native text mode.


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