Cannot choose Beryl as the windows manager

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun May 6 13:36:06 UTC 2007

On 06/05/07, Sam Varshavchik <mrsam at> wrote:
> > Thanks. So, I need to replace:
> > 1) Vesa/Radeon in xorg.cong to fglrx. This is simply done with VI.
> Maybe, maybe not.  I doubt that it's as easy as flipping a switch.  First,
> you need to install ATI's non-free kernel driver.  It's not a part of Fedora
> because it is not free software.  And it won't magically appear out of
> nowhere.  You have to install it, and it likely needs to be compiled for the
> kernel version you're running.  Anytime you update the kernel in the future,
> you will need to recompile it again.

Because of this and other reasons (VMWare, for one), I think that I'll
simply stop updating the kernel. Seriously.

> I do not know if there's a prepackaged ati driver that you can install from
> some third-party yum repository.  I can't find it in Livna, the usual place
> for these kinds of things.  I have not looked at ATI's non-free driver, but
> it's fairly likely that its installation instructions is non-trivial.
> Welcome to the world of non-free, proprietary software.

Actually, I had installed it a few months ago, with a much older
kernel of course. Is there any way to install an older kernel that
what I have? I've only saved the last 5 kernels.

> > 2) Xorg with XGL. This is done by installing XGL via yum.
> No, it's done by installing Xorg, which includes XGL.

So I probably have it, then. The why isn't there much be that name:
[dotancohen at localhost ~]$ locate xgl
[dotancohen at localhost ~]$

Dotan Cohen

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