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George Hare at
Thu May 10 16:55:55 UTC 2007

> George Hare wrote:
> > Appreciate all the suggestions guys. None panned out. One even
> recommended
> > me to get an IT pro
> > to set up the site and then let the hosting company take it from there.
> Another way to come at it, get a free blog at, eg,  If
> you call your blog blahblah, it will appear at
> That not only solves the hosting problem, but you probably don't need a
> domain name, and because it is a blog it will look reasonably well laid
> out immediately.  Also all of the management and posting tools work in
> your browser, and shouldn't care at all what OS you are on.
> -Andy
> I already have a domain name That is a heavy hitter for my
subject and
I will be making changes later to include advertising, round robin, and
maybe a few other
tricks. I want it to grow fast, get a large following then lay down and rest
for six months
because fatigue is one of my worst symptoms...I hope I can get that far.
Thanks Andy
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