HAL is adding extra printers to my printer list.

William Case billlinux at rogers.com
Sat May 12 04:50:51 UTC 2007

Hi;  with particular attention to Tim Waugh,

This was a sub-problem I had with my printer problem a week or two ago.
Tim asked if I would work with him on fixing it.  At that time I had got
my printer working and removed the extra (shadow) printer and so
couldn't be of much help.  

The shadow has returned.

More precisely: psc_1310_series_  
Device URI [hp:/usb/psc_1310_series?serial=CN45PB613FO2] has been added
to my list of printers by HAL, or something, at boot up.

My originally designated and still existing printer is:
Device URI [usb://hp/psc%201310%20series?serial=CN45PB613FO2]
marked also as default.  When selected in applications this actually
prints things.

Both printer designations now appear in all my applications.  The shadow
appeared after I had stopped and restart hplip, unplugged and plugged in
my printer and rebooted.  I was attempting to get hp-toolbox to find my
printer. It did, but used the psc_1310_series_.  This printer cannot
print the 'test page'.

It probably can't print, because as we found out in an earlier exchange
over printer problems, when this shadow printer appears, it is not a
real printer.
And, if I remember correctly, some confusion is being caused by the
trailing '_' in its name.

So, HP-toolbox gives me info about psc_1310_series_; HAL adds
but psc-1315 prints stuff.

I would love to hear how to sort this out.

Regards Bill

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