Moving "/" what are the chances of this working?

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Mon May 14 06:18:32 UTC 2007

clemens at wrote:
> I have just run out of space on a 10GB root file system for Fedora6
> (my /home and /usr/local are on separate partitions).
> I have decided that in the future I will allocate 20GB partitions
> for Fedura (sigh)... I can remember when it fit in 5GB,
> HELL I can remember when all of UNIX fit on a 5MB disk on a
> PDP-11...

Do you have everything under the sun installed?  :-)

If not, it's possible there is something in /var that's sucking down
way more space than it should be (an unrotated log or a ton of stuff
in /var/cache that could be deleted).

> OK, so here is my question.
> I have a unused 10GB partition just ahead and just behind the 
> Fedora6 partition.  But I know of no Partition-Magic like process
> that could combine them.  IS THERE ANYTHING I dont know
> about????

GNU parted can extend ext2 and ext3 partitions (among others).  So you
could expand the current root partition to use the 10GB one after it.
But perhaps you're using LVM.  I don't think that parted can handle
that (might be worth checking though, I haven't looked in a while).

> 2nd choice.
> I have a couple of 10GB partitions elsewhere on the disk (that I was
> saving for updates to Fedora).  I am willing to combine them, giving
> a 20GB partition.  If I were to do that, format the new partition,
> and then tar->tar the current Fedora partition into the new
> partition, what are the chances that I will be able to BOOT the new
> partition???
> ANYTHING you can suggest to get either of these schemes to go.

What about a 3rd option?  You could find the largest directory and
then move it to one of the 10GB partitions.

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