gaming notebook recommendations?

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Tue May 15 15:11:32 UTC 2007

Neal Becker wrote:
> I'm looking for suggestions for a fedora-friendly gaming notebook.
> I'd like:
> * 3d graphics (beryl support)
> * 17" with some decent resolution (> 1280x1024)
> * 64bit
> * wireless that actually works
> * 7200rpm sata
> I intend to run fc7.
> So far, I found dell xps series that looks pretty good.
> Question: I know if I go with nvidia option I can have decent 3d, but need
> to use proprietary driver.  The other option is intel graphics.  Anyone
> know if this works well on Fedora, and if beryl works on this?
> Price is pretty high.  Any other suggestions?

Price is always the issue with gaming PCs of any kind, and especially 
with laptops or desktop replacement portables.

Here are a few places to go droll over laptops:

And for SFF (small form factor)

I agree with others that for gaming, Nvidia binary drivers are the only 
real option today.  That may change soon.  ATI announced that it will 
release the source code for its drivers for Linux.  That should help a 
ton!  But it may take a few months.

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