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Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang.rupprecht+gnus200705 at
Sun May 20 19:12:33 UTC 2007

Ric Moore <wayward4now at> writes:
> We had a large rant over that sometime ago, and I can only hope that it
> finally gets added back, as you suggest. Ric

At first I thought it a bad idea that it went away, but it turned out
that it wasn't a real problem to install the few pkgs that I was
missing after doing the install with "server" and "software-devel"
categories selected.  In FC4 the "all" option installed quite a few
unused pkgs that caused conflicts that needed my attention.  It often
wasn't easy to determine that I could in fact blow away all the
conflicting pkgs without any effect to what I used.

The trick to doing clean, minimal, installs is just keep good notes
from the last install and have a shell script that does the work of
customizing the installed Fedora.  I've been tracking Fedora since FC4
and installing 5 computers here with a clean install isn't all that
hard.  Just do it once, write the patch up shell script (including the
20 or so 'yum -y install XXXX' pkgs that I need but aren't included
with the default.)

One big advantage to clean installs done this way is 1) you are sure
to have clean identical installs across the various computers 2) you
get to bury your old mistakes where you mangled some of the /etc/
config files because you didn't yet understand the full issues when
you did it the first time.  (A good buddy once pointed out to me that
it took him 3 from-scratch installs before he felt comfortable he
didn't mess something up.)

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