Fedora 7 and VMware - Problems

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at greshko.com
Mon May 21 02:35:45 UTC 2007

Eric wrote:

> <EG>>>>>I'm running FC7-T4 as a guest on a RHELv4 host.  Using VMware
> workstation 6.0.  The only issue so far is the ability to install VMware
> tools on FC7.<<<<<
> Good evening, Ed.

Actually, for me it is "good morning".  :-)

> I'm running on Workstation 5.5.2.  Haven't gotten around to upgrading to
> 6.0 yet.  Planned to do that in order to be able to run on Vista hosts
> but didn't get the Vista machine I thought I was going to get so it
> became moot.
> Are you aware of any F7 problems that might be solved by upgrading from
> Workstation 5.5 to 6?

I never did try to run FC7 on 5.5.  I was running VMware 6-RC2 when I
installed FC7 and had no problem.  Now running the released version, OK.

> I haven't gotten around to trying to install VMware Tools yet, suspected
> that probably might not work well.  What happened when you tried (if in
> fact you did try it)?

It fails in the module compilations.  There is a reported fix for T3 but it
was only partially successful on T4.

> <EG>>>>>Go to the VMware forums.  The issue is not related to FC7 but
> VMware.<<<<<
> Past experience has shown me that that would be an endeavor that would
> be, as the old saying goes, useless as tits on a bull.

Really, I've had a 180 experience.  The forums are the VMware community and
they are fairly good at helping out with in these officially non-supported
areas.  The T3 fix came from there....


> They will say that it's an F7 problem, go complain to the Fedora people,
> we don't claim to support F7 anyway.

The official support channel will do that....

> I will say that, as I said, earlier versions of Fedora run fine on
> VMware Workstation 5.x (all the way back to 5.0.1) with the exception of
> FC4, and with varying degrees of difficulty in getting it all running.
> VMware claims, perhaps with variable levels of justification, to be
> compatible with a regular x86 environment, so that anything that runs on
> one should run on the other.
> An example of a problem I had was that F7's installer can't see the
> faux-SCSI disks VMware provides, and so I had to tell VMware to make
> them IDE instead of SCSI.  That never happened with earlier versions of
> Fedora.  Wouldn't that be something that's useful for the F7 people to
> know?

All I know is that I've had various issues with VMware not supporting the
newest release of an OS.  So, since FC7 has not been released and VMWare 6
has been released it would only be a stroke of luck that FC7 would work
flawlessly on WMware 6.  However, VMware has been very good at getting
subsequent patches to support the newer released versions.


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