KMail + IMAP - help urgently sought

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Wed May 23 09:06:12 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 23 May 2007, Andy Green wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I doubt it.  At least, unless he is actually viewing it on the server. 
> > I'm not sure why it happened, but when I first set up imap I did see them
> > like that on the server.  Perhaps it was something to do with the format
> > conversion, though I can't explain it.  Later I did a fresh OS install
> > and set it up again, copying the imap folders across.  Now the server
> > display looks very much like the client box.
> >
> > This brings to mind the caveat that if this is indeed the case, he should
> > generally work in the imap folder section and ignor the local section.
> Yeah.  To underline the point for Timothy: IMAP is designed to fully
> give you access to the mail ONLY over the IMAP connection (no NFS to the
> server either).  You no longer need "Local folders" or maildir or mbox
> or anything else directly.

Which doesn't mean that you should get rid of them :-)

> Instead the IMAP clients can cache mails 
> that you have brought down over IMAP for offline use, but they do that
> seamlessly once you set it up, rather like some browsers can show you
> stuff from their local disc cache even if you are offline.  The big
> advantage is that if you expose your IMAP port externally, you can log
> into from anywhere on the Internet when you are travelling and there is
> ALL your mail just as if you were at home.
> > Come to think of it, he never said whether he is viewing on the server. 
> > Maybe he has the one workstation and one laptop.  If that's so, it would
> > be interesting to know if the laptop display also seems to show all the
> > mail in the local inbox.
> But he has had an "unhealthy" interest in the format used privately by
> the IMAP server, it would be consistent if that was because he is indeed
> either running the IMAP server on the same box or has dragged its
> entrails over to his box via NFS.
> It might also help explain why he won't try another IMAP client, he
> still thinks it will be grief setting up maildirs and such.  Once you
> discard the "Local folders" concept, it's a small matter which IMAP
> client you use, the real business goes on at the IMAP server
> irrespective of the client.  So you can use five clients before
> breakfast (should any of them... have bugs... ;-) ) and it's not going
> to break anything or need configuring over giving the mail client the
> IMAP server info and credentials.
My preference is for kmail, but I have used thunderbird and seamonkey from 
time to time, out of curiosity.  Everything is available, except that any 
flags you set in kmail are not usable/visible in another mail client, and 
vice versa.

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