New Dell Inspiron 9400: From Vista to Fedora/Vista.

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Thu May 24 03:19:12 UTC 2007

On Wed May 23 2007, Mark Heslep wrote:
>>> ok - you don't claim my steps are wrong but that ntfsresize is not 
>>> necessary and one can use gparted instead?

I was responding to two specific statements: First,  Nat Gross wrote:
> > woops. According to the table at
> > ,
> > gnu Parted cannot resize ntfs partition.

Then you, Mark, stated in part: 

> >> Right, you must have resizentfs (or ntfsresize?).

To which I replied - that the gparted distro will quite nicely do NTFS 
resizes, based on the fact that I'd just done it last week on two SuperMicro 
servers using mirrored operating system drives. gparted, so far as I know is 
based on parted so I'd guess that documentation cited by Nat is out-dated.

Perhaps gparted has incorporated resizentfs or ntfsresize into its code, or is 
calling it, I don't know, but, the statements the two of you made above were 
didactically inaccurate. I wasn't trying to be argumentative, just pointing 
out that you were perhaps relying on old information.
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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