Memorex TravelDrive not automounting on FC6 x86_64

Raymond C. Rodgers rh at
Sat May 26 05:53:00 UTC 2007

I originally posted this cry for help almost a week ago under the "Re: 
usb stick, can't mount" thread, but there hasn't been the slightest hint 
of a response; I'm taking the view point that that thread is considered 
dead without a resolution. I'm hoping that someone will notice my new 
thread and be able to help.

The quick summary of the issue is that my USB 1 GB Memorex TravelDrive 
used to auto-mount perfectly under FC6 x86_64 up until a couple weeks 
ago, when it suddenly stopped. I am able to manually mount it using 
mount or pmount command line tools, but oddly the drive continues to 
auto-mount perfectly at work under FC5 i386, on another machine here at 
home running FC6 i386 that hasn't been updated in several months, and of 
course gets mounted properly under Windows 2000 & XP. I've toggled all 
of the auto-mount settings under Removable Drives and Media, but the 
problem remains that when I plug the TravelDrive into the problem 
machine while in FC6 x86_64, the drive gets mounted and unmounted within 
the span of half a second. No error messages appear, no warnings, nothing.

I'm attaching the dmesg output from both the working FC6 i386 machine 
and the FC6 x86_64 non-working machine. The only significant difference 
I think I've seen is that the i386 machine appears to be using USB 1.1 
to access the TravelDrive (admittedly though a hub) where as the x86_64 
machine is using 2.0. The TravelDrive supports both, and it operates 
normally when manually mounted through mount/pmount on the "non-working" 
64 bit machine.

Could a kernel update have broken this? Does anyone have an idea how to 
fix the problem? Like I said, I can manually mount it but that's a bit 
of a pain...

Thank you,
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