Logwatch sections ?

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Sat May 26 19:15:40 UTC 2007

Do any of these three sections from my logwatch give 
indication that someone is trying to get into my system?

Are there other files on my system that will show more than 
what was placed in my logwatch? Where will I find them?
--------------------- Selinux Audit 
Begin ------------------------ 

 *** Denials ***
    system_u user_u (dir): 2 times
    system_u user_u (file): 2 times
 ---------------------- Selinux Audit 
End ------------------------- 

 --------------------- Automount 
Begin ------------------------ 

 **Unmatched Entries**
 create_udp_client: hostname lookup failed: No such process: 
1 Time(s)
 lookup_mount: exports lookup failed for .directory: 1 
 create_tcp_client: hostname lookup failed: No such process: 
1 Time(s)
 ---------------------- Automount 
End ------------------------- 

 --------------------- httpd Begin ------------------------ 

 Requests with error response codes
    404 Not Found
       /appserv/main.php?appserv_root=http://195. ... 
rv/test/a.txt?&: 2 Time(s)
 ---------------------- httpd End ------------------------- 

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